Ok if you’ve seen my previous blog posts about doing your own engagement session, you’ll notice how i warn how difficult it can be if you don’t know what you are doing. This is the case even in a controlled studio environment.

Outdoors when you have external elements like the sun, people, security guards, restricted access etc.. is a whole other beast.

The outdoor DIY engagement session was very difficult. Now i actually regret not having a photographer friend just take the outdoor engagement session.

The shoot took too long. Yes, i used two light setups  but that wasn’t the only problem. We are also stopped multiple times by security guards and police about using a tripod at the Walt Disney Concert Hall.

Using a tripod classified me as being a “professional” photographer. Are you serious? Yeah, apparently the security guard wasn’t fully briefed. The police officer had to explain that on the premises tripod is simply prohibited.

The images you see below were taken with the use of my camera bag as the “tripod” and the flashes on the Nikon stands. I  think i did a good job but boy it was tough.

If you are considering saving a buck and shooting your own engagement session outdoors, then you are out of your mind. Unless you are a photographer, i highly recommend to not even try.

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Photography was the only hobby where I experienced the most gratification in the work produced. The many praises from my peers and clients for my creativity and skill in communicating the concept pushed me to the edge of pure satisfaction in my craft.

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